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Vintage look now available in alpaca fiber !

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More and more people are trusting alpaca socks.  The fiber of this animal is of exceptional quality and unequaled. The next time you shop, we invite you to consider the following information.

The percentage of alpaca contained in the composition of the socks has a direct impact on its maintenance and comfort. As with all products using natural raw materials, alpaca socks can shrink when washed. We strongly suggest not to use hot water to wash socks with a percentage of alpaca greater than 50%. This could felt your alpaca stockings. Be careful about the use of the dryer. The warm air removes all elasticity. It will be difficult for you to put them on afterwards.

Opt instead for cold water to wash them and lay them flat to dry naturally.

In general, we wash our socks every time we wear them. With alpaca socks, it is not necessary to wash them every time.  As this fiber breathes remarkably, alpaca socks do not need to be washed because they have been worn for a few hours. If the socks do not smell bad, hygienically speaking it is not necessary to wash them. Hard to believe, but true …

Our Vintage socks are made in Quebec and of superior quality. They can be worn in shoes, or boots.

They do not loose their shape thanks to the nylon and elasthane.

These socks are ideal for outdoor activities such as: Snowmobiling, hiking, snowshoeing, hunting, ice fishing, sliding sports, outdoor skating …

The natural properties of alpaca fiber will keep your feet dry and warm.

Maintenance: wash in cold water and dry flat.

Composition: 80% alpaca, 18% acrylic, 2% elasthane.


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Blue, Gray, Pink


Kids(1-3), Small : women 4-6.5, Medium : women 7-9.5/men 6-8.5, Large : women 10-12.5/men 9-11.5, X-Large : men 12+

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