Alpaca ankle socks


Alpaca products can also be worn in the summer.

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Quality of materials  means quality of the final product. Alpaca fiber is a natural thermal material, regardless of the conditions. Your feet stay warm even if your socks are wet, and cool when the temperature is higher.

Alpaca socks can soak up to one-third of their weight in water without losing their attributes. They absorb the moisture released by the body and drain the water outside the socks, to keep you always warm.

Bacterias contained in sweat create unpleasant odors. Alpaca fiber socks offer natural antibacterial protection.

The more air is trapped in the socks, the better they can insulate against cold weather.  However, the knit must breathe so that moisture can be released. Alpaca socks are the only ones that offer the perfect balance for optimal thermal protection while staying dry.

Composition: 70% alpaca  / 28% nylon / 2% elastane.

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Small : women 4-6.5, Medium : women 7-9.5/men 6-8.5, large = women 10-12/men 9-11, xlarge = men 11-14


Black, Charcoal-Gray

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