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Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca fiber originates from the fleece of the alpaca (Lama pacos). Alpacas are close relatives of the llama and were first bred for their wool in the South American Andes around 5000 BC. In these ancient Incan times, alpaca fibre was used to make clothes for royalty and was known as “the fibre of the gods”.

Why Alpaca Fiber?

Alpaca fiber is incredibly soft and cozy, warmer than wool, light and breathable, fully hypoallergenic, and naturally resists dirt and liquids. .

Who’s wearing it

If you are allergic to lanolin, you already know you need to stay away from sheep’s wool. Cashmere and Mohair do not have lanolin, but contain a waxy type of substance that needs to be washed out prior to processing their fiber. You may also be allergic to the different chemicals used to “wash” those types of fiber.  Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin and hence is only washed with water prior to processing.  No harsh chemicals!

Environmentally conscious ? You will be happy to hear that the alpaca`s environmental footprint is far lighter than that of a cashmere goat’s. With it`s  soft padded feet, they are gentle the land. They graze without destroying root systems. Alpacas are also more efficient than goats and sheep. An alpaca drinks less water than a goat and can  grow enough wool to knit 4-5 sweaters in a year. It takes 4 goats the same amount of time to produce sufficient cashmere for a single sweater.

“Alpacas are very endearing, they all have different personalities.

Antony Beevor, Historian


Alpagas Chelsea farm is located in Chelsea north of Gatineau, Quebec, about 25 km north of Parliament Hill. About 10 km from “downtown” Chelsea!

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The incredible quality of alpaca fiber

Alpaca yarn has a softness that easily competes with mohair and cashmere and is well suited for garments that will rest directly against the skin. A dense fiber, alpaca yarn provides excellent stitch definition and works wonderfully for textured patterns. If you’re looking to knit cables or ribbing, consider an alpaca blend to help keep your garment light.

“Dad, mom and two wonderful teenagers share the joys and chores of alpaca farming.”

Close to Gatineau Park, enjoy the calm of nature to admire the alpacas products offered by the shop

Huacaya and Suri alpaca

Huacaya and Suri alpaca There are two main breeds of alpaca; the Huacaya alpaca which has a dense and curly crimped coat, and the Suri alpaca which has more lustrous but less curly hair that hangs down the body with a middle part down its back. More about alpaca fiber

Alpaca’s produits

Alpacas have a calm temperament

Alpacas are calm by nature but also easily scarred by loud noises and running kids. Best way to approach them: sit down and wait for them to come and kiss your nose!…more


Is alpaca fleece warmer than sheep’s wool? Is alpaca fiber waterproof?…more 

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Want to come see us ?

Give yourself a day of rest in a wonderful natural site. Visit our farm and share our passion for these exceptional animals. Children (young and old) can pet the alpacas and discover the amazing fiber that these animals produce. Our visitors will be able to keep warm and dry this winter thanks to the “fiber of the gods”.

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